Greendance – The Winery at Sand Hill was conceived as the natural offspring of the small fruits farm known as Sand Hill Berries. But its concept and scope changed when a traditional grape winemaker signed on as one of the partners in the project. Since opening in 2007, the winery has grown both in volume and variety of wines produced, enabling the consumer to soak up the total wine experience including daily complimentary tasting, food pairings, summer entertainment, holiday celebrations, wine accessories, gourmet snacks, and most enjoyably, stories of the inception of the wine.

Our blog was created to give our friends a behind the scenes look into the fun and hard work that goes into everything we grow and every bottle at Greendance Winery. We hope you find some interesting information and a few laughs from a day on the farm and vineyard.

We invite you to visit our website for a full list of our wines, events, wine club, hours and directions. Browse through our online store, we ship around the country so a bottle could be a your door!

For up-to-date information and monthly wine specials, we invite you to contact the winery to join our mailing list and check us out on Facebook. You know you want to.


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