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A Salmon Faverolle hen at Collingwood Children...

A Salmon Faverolle hen at Collingwood Children’s Farm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are not talking about the fruit today; Rhubarb is the newest addition to the winery atmosphere here. He is a majestic Salmon Faverolle rooster who has as new home at Greendance and a flock of new Guinea friends. Rhubarb’s previous residence was a tree-lined street in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Sewickley—where his owners had to give him up after more than a few complaints. He was a bit shy upon arrival, but quickly warmed up and his crowing continues to fill the air. Rhubarb provided some entertainment for the gathering groomsmen—luckily, the rest of the wedding today did not mind his calls.

Salmon Faverolle roosters are large and magnificent, parading around with a virtual rainbow of colors—iridescent black, burnished with bronze on their backs and wings, while their hackles and saddles are the color of pale straw. These roosters are particularly calm and dignified, and make great roosters for the home flock since they are not as aggressive as some other breeds. Hens are more subdued in their colors with snowy breasts and fluffy white faces, their backs are a lovely honeyed salmon color with white lacing.

With our new rooster, it seems a fitting time to crow that Rhubarb Wine will be returning! After a long hiatus, the delicate rhubarb flavor of this great wine is currently in production with a bottling date set for the end of June.

Dog Days Already

Unofficial guard dog Dandy is taking a  vacation from his ground-hog hunting to greet our guests on the front porch today.  It’s only early May and the weather in south-western PA feels like the middle of summer. Light breezes and sun rays dance through the gardens and vineyard. Our strawberries are plentiful and flaunting their victory over the frosts that barely fazed them! (although I think we really have Ramon and Bob to thank for their hard work covering and uncovering the fields day after day).

To our sweet wine drinkers, Bella Rosé is back! The 2011 vintage has a sweet floral nose and a taste that may give Isabella a run for its money. We were all a bit sleepy so bottling dragged on more than usual. Little did we know an after lunch problem was waiting to wake us up a bit. We ate and returned to the cellar to finish. Filled bottles were passed down the line only to have our corking machine start pushing corks down so far that they became stuck below the neck of the bottle. Problem! Robert, Leslie, Barb, Linda and myself, armed with cork screws, and had a few laughs opening all the mistakes. A perfect Monday to take a moment and enjoy the simple things.

This past weekend was beautiful. It was such a welcome sight to see the Tasting Room packed on Sunday and all our staff enjoying every moment of it–to us summer has begun as early as our blossoms.